It was just like yesterday…….INEC announced the postponement of election by a whole six weeks…a whole,big,fat six weeks oo!!We all agitated,with serious vexation in our hearts we cursed them and debated on it.

Free and fair election

Now the 6weeks is here with us!A lot have been said before this,some say it none of their business,yet I go out and am stuck in Traffic for long hours because of one political party rally or the other.If APC takes Ikorodu road,PDP will mount their own on third mainland bridge….Its still not my business.I pay #100 for t-fare that’s usually #50 because APC is campaigning….Its not my business.Now the man seating beside me wants to squeeze the life out of me because he wants to collect a locally made soap from PDP,he is not even in the rally……Am still saying this election is not my business…..Fuel scarcity is just everywhere and we can’t even power our generator under the random power shortage abi na seizure …..I don’t know whether there’s no fuel for real! Or its an election strategy, am still shouting its none of my business.Now its a day to the election day…banks closed early,in fact all sector closed early…..should I still be saying that this election is none of my business when its just busy flaunting itself in front of me.It can’t help but be our business oo,no matter how much we do not want it to be.You can’t deny the fact that this election coming up tomorrow has affected our program one way or the other.
             I can’t be more grateful…..lets kukuma get this thing over with let me rest and get my life back.We still preach a free and fair election.No violence,flaunt your PVC not your muscle.Exercise your civic right not your physical strength. Please lets as much as possible try to be civil about this,but most importantly as you go out to vote,be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove ,wey mean say carry eye for back abeg,you cannot come and go and kill yourself because of election.

We will all pass and this vote will make the next four years count in the history of Nigeria.


No matter what happens,we all are one Nigeria!

Cinema Girls will not get married!


This topic is actually as funny as the write up itself.Nawa ooo….nothing somebori(somebody)will not hear in this world.Follow me hear my story and be the judge of this case oo.
     It was a monday,a normal routine monday.I hate routine life,oh God!it bores me to pieces and unfortunately,I can’t remember leaving am done with the chores ,chilling on my bed trying to study and here comes Esther my neighbour!thank God for this my new
neighbour with whom i can relate with.we are so alike,like in the weird zone and African lovers and writers and weirder personality.The only difference is that at least she is free to leave her world and am so not and this gets me jealous in a good way though.
     So here she is in my room and we gisted(wrong english i know)and then she reminded me of going to yaba to buy jewelries with her,of which i promised her earlier.She then said the words i needed in my life…..we could go see a movie together after the market!!!!!!I needed to hear these words in my life….na you sabi if its a normal thing,to me its not!I,have never seen a movie,this is some transformation happening in my life,of which am grateful for…yay! some random day with effect!
We didn’t get to see the movie again,we got to the mall late and waiting to see the next movie which is around 7pm will be death sentence for me at home(you already met madam in THIS HE!).so we did some shopping and left for home.The traffic was traffical,so we got home by 8.45.
AT HOME………….
This gist requires not to be told in the passive voice…..
……….knock,knock….that’s me,madam opened the door.She just got in from work.     
Are you just coming back,yes ma!From where?,I went to Silverbird cinema in Ikeja with Esther,we went to see a movie.
What!Is there silverbird in Ikeja,yes ma,in shoprite
And you are just coming back by this time,how dare you go to the cinema.Is it your mother or your father that thought you how to go to
the cinema?Don’t you know where you are coming from?Must you go around with Esther and you coming back by this time!
Is this your school you should be thinking about!and forget all frivolities that are unnecessary.At this age(20)you shouldn’t be thinking of the cinema………..

A whole lot of things were said joor and finally i went in with the snack i bought to at least enjoy with myself and be happy i did something extraordinary,and she marched in again,demanding to know what am carrying in my bag and who bought it….potato chips and drink,Esther gave me(esther didn’t give me oo,she is not mother Christmas nah!)She asked me to go to the kitchen and find something to do,which I did.

In the kitchen,it started all over again and thats where i heard the most hilarious thing that got my spirit ROTFL,I dare not Lol!ok now here’s it….that going to the cinema is a sign of waywardness and that i go out to where ever i choose and come back to give them story.The one that got me cracked up the most was the part where she said that “if i am a man and i ask you out to the cinema or meet you there,I would never marry you cos I know you are a loose girl already“OMG!what so ever makes a woman in her early forties to sound as if she migrated from outtaspace is  serious!then,she said I should chill(my words,she would never use that)till am married and if my husband chooses i can leave however i like.we could club together,live in the cinema and then it would be allowed,then am like(in my mind oo)i will also wait to be married before i take my first breath!
Quite some day,man!I slept but woke up to another bout of preaching from the Oga of the house in the morning,in fact with the presence of a panel!
The funny thing is that I actually told him before I left the house,but since he was sleeping like a locozuna(),which he does always(don’t pray to get anybody like that!)he didn’t hear me which worked to my advantage sha!

Excited cinema girl,weird,random,self-discovery

So my guys,will you still marry a cinema girl like me or does random girls who just love the feel of life and the weirdness of it not get married,#theweirdgirldiary2….make sure you read #thishe! On the blog


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Summary of Igbo culture,traditions

Ogbunike Cave (Ogba): The cave can best be described as one of the greatest wonders of creature, found within the crust of a range of hills surrounding the area. Located at Ugwu Ogba in Ogbunike town of Oyi Local Government Area, a 10km drive from Onitsha, commercial heartland of Eastern Nigeria.
“Ogba Ogbunike,” as the locals call it, has been known to them for a very long time. It is a location where Africans hid for slave raiding parties during the African holocaust period.
According to oral tradition of the Igbos, two hunters from Ogbunike town discovered this cave at the dawn of history who received “divine” instruction on the cave by a spirit angel called Pantheon.
It was also said that there was a god called “Ogba” who lived inside the cave in the middle of a large rock. Despite the opaque nature of the rock, he was an all seeing spirit who could detect criminals especially thieves. When someone was accused of some sort of crime, he could prove he was innocent by entering the cave. The guilty ones never returned alive. There are several other stories about the many segments of the cave which are better told by the local guide. Today, the cave is the most popular which attracts a quite number of visitors every year. Because of religious traditions, the visit to the cave is only allowed with bare feet. Painting graffiti on the walls is not forbidden, so many walls are full of them.
Leading into the cave is a track (a multiple of 60 steps) which leads into a number of other mazes (a complex and baffling network of paths, lines). The entrance to the five tunnels of the cave is a wide and tapering mysterious hemispherical vault of solid rock with all season cool spring water dripping from top and all corners. Once inside the vault, you feel quite serene as though you have come to a wonderland.
The naturally-carved network of chambers and tunnels has two levels. The lower level is 100m long and leads to an underground river. The upper level is twice as long and dry, and a bat colony and a waterfall sit at the north-western end. Visitors to the cave are advised to go with touch light, wear trouser and prepare to do some crawling. Within the vicinity of Ogbunike cave is Mbida Ogba stream. Visitors to Ogbunike cave will have the advantage of savouring the serenity of the stream.
Location: (i) Enugu through Enugu/Onitsha Expressway to Ogbunike junction (10km to Onitsha) turn left to Ogidi (Idemili LGA) via Afor Igwe to Owelle Ukwu Central School. Then move towards St. Monica Teachers College, there lies Ogbunike cave. (ii) Onitsha through old road to Nkpor, Ogide and Afor Igwe, Ogbunike (Owelle Ukwu Central School via St. Monica’s Teacher’s College).


This cave is also the shrine of Omashi-Iyi, the oracle of Akpu believed to offer protection to its people and adherents. Within the cave itself are hundreds of sacred bats that have inhabited it since the origin of the cave, centuries ago. As is always the case with caves, this one contains compartments, crevices and a very long tunnel about 1km long. Approaching the cave, there is a stream; semi-circular in form, which borders the cave and forms a pool at its entrance, this stream is hooded by trees and bamboos, a natural setting for a cave or a hiding place.The cave is in the custody of the chief priest of Omashi-Iyi who offers a yearly sacrifice at the entrance of the cave to appease the gods of the land, to solicit for its blessings and to predict the future on behalf of the people. The cave is a wonder as one experiences the sheer thrill watching the colony of beautifully coloured bats flying all over its entrance.

This is an offshoot of the Odo River, covering a large 10 hectares of land.  People come here all year round for fishing and excursions.  During the rainy season, it covers a larger area of land. The water of this lake is considered an antidote by locals. When fetched at midnight and without being observed, the water has power to cure a person of ailments and poisoning. The lake provides water for irrigation of abundant rice and vegetable farms during the dry season. It is also a reservoir of fishes and a delight to local fishermen who ply their trade along its bank. In the rainy season when the lake overflows its banks, the fishes are easily caught. The beauty of the lake lies in its clear crystal nature and as a natural fish pond, its sand beach provides a serene environment for relaxation. There are no harmful animals in the lake.  Students from far places come to the lake for excursions and picnics. It is attractive for tourism, rowing, swimming, leisure and recreation.  There was an attempt in the past by the Odo River to flood the lake but this was foiled by a sand dune on its path towards the lake.  It however succeeded in dumping a large quantity of sand into the far end of the lake, making it a bit shallower than the near end.

The dome is a naturally carved rock formation in the form of an arena, covering a large dry and sandy area which forms a natural beach around the Ogba waterfall.
Next to this dome is the Ogba Ukwu cave considered the largest cave in West Africa, which will take upwards to two hours to explore. It forms a deep and complex rock formation with roomy compartments large enough to take in an entire village.  The cave consists of tunnels, heading off in different directions; however, there are two noticeable entrances to the cave.  One tunnel in particular is regarded as an escape route which is about two kilometers long, from which one will eventually emerge in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State.  At the centre of Ogba Ukwu, is one large area said to have been the living room of the ‘god’ of Owerre-Ezukala.  His throne and other compartments within his household. His sentries were always mounted at the two entrances to the cave watching out for visitors and intruders.  There are crevices in the rock depicting his wardrobe and store rooms.  There is one particular compartment, accessed by the aid of stone steps where an old elephant’s foot still stands, long dead and dry. In another crevice, there is a natural spanner of rock, and in yet another is a gun of stone, as old as the cave. There is the ‘Ogba Ekezu’, a bottomless well within the cave that no one who ever falls into it is seen again.  In the past, natives came to the cave once every year, in the month of March to perform the ‘Aja Ala Onwa Ito’ festival. Visitors were invited for parties and picnics inside the cave.  It is alleged that natives in the past communed physically with the god of Ogba Ukwu who appeared on his throne in the form of a man, holding a broom in his hand.  He answered the people’s questions, gave judgment to their cases and made predictions about the future.  Time and encroachment however must have caused his relocation to an unknown destination. Guided tours in and around it is a wonder, and leaves a visitor dumbfounded to this wonderful work of nature.

This spring whose source is unknown simply gushes out of a large boulder embedded in a cliff and is regarded as the purest waters to be found anywhere. To access the waters, one has to descend virtually into the bowels of the earth by means of steps constructed by the people for that purpose. The people of Ukpor are very proud of the mystery spring, as they lead tourists to its banks and encourage them to take a drink. The spring forms a stream at the bottom, which has a beautiful bet of white clay, giving it an entirely surreal atmosphere.
The quiet and serene environment of the spring is conducive for camping and picnicking or simply for a quiet time of meditation.

This is an ancient feast celebrated at the middle of the year of the Igbo calendar. It was a reconciliation festival designed by the forebears to reconcile people, families, clans, kindreds, villages and communities who often had misunderstandings amongst themselves. The essence is to renew the brotherhood of the people. It is also a time of home coming for sons and daughters of the community from their various places of abode.
Preparation for the feast is elaborate. A day is set aside for it. On the said day every member of the community wherever they may reside must come home for symbolic public declaration of innocence from evil. At the set time everybody gathers at his Umunna (kindred) ‘Obi’. In the morning sun, the assembly gathers at the kindred’s Oda (square) and thereafter move to the front of ‘Alusi Umunna’ (shrine of the kindred’s deity), were prayers are offered for long life, prosperity, peace and for heartfelt reconciliation of all. After the prayer and blessing of items, delicious meals, kegs of palm wine which have already been prepared by each of the participating families, are presented to visitors and persons which a person has in mind for the purpose of the reconciliation. It is believed that one’s kindred knows his sworn enemy(s) and it is to this enemy that one sends his food personally. Once his enemy eats the food, it signifies true reconciliation. To show he has reconciled with his enemy, a person is expected to leave a piece of yam and oil which he shows his kindred, and which signifies real reconciliation, thus eliciting jokes and laughter among the kinsmen.

This is another feast celebrated in Igboland for the maintenance and concretizing of friendship. It is another festival of reconciliation, where friends come together and celebrate their love which cuts across sexes.
The festival is celebrated on a day chosen by the community and lasts several days. One usually visits a friend he chooses, with whom he or she celebrates the ‘Okuka’ which lasts for a period of one market week. The host entertains his friend with delicacies like roasted yam, oka (roasted maize), Utara Ede ( cooked pounded cocoyam), Utara Akpu (pounded cooked cassava), ‘Ofe Egusi’ (melon soup), ‘Ofe Onugbu’ (Bitter leaf soup) served with smoked fish or ‘Anu Ewu’ (goat meat), ‘ Anu Okuko’ (chicken), ‘Ji mmiri oku’ (Yam pepper soup), ‘Abacha Ncha’ (African salad) with the best of palm wine from the best palm wine taper served. It is a period during which one is free from the cares and worries of family life; a mini holiday when friends get together to celebrate love and friendship.
On the day of departure of guest, he is showered with lots of gifts mostly food stuff and is also given reserved smoked goat arm to take to his people as a sign that he was well taken care of, which he cooks and gathers his kinsmen to eat and drink with him. In the next Okuka feast, he is expected to reciprocate his friend’s gesture by hosting him. To abscond from this obligation is a great crime that the traditional court of ‘Ndi Ichie’or’ Ides’ (Titled men) settles with severe penalty.

This is an ancient religious festival in remembrance of the dead rooted in the belief in resurrection. It is the last of Igbo religious festivals celebrated before the dawn of the New Year in the Igbo calendar. It symbolizes the mark of cultivation of land or beginning of New Year which the Igbos recognize as the month of yam, the chief Igbo crop. Another part of the feast is the belief in reincarnation of the dead into one of his or her descendants while at the same time, remaining in the land of the ancestors to watch over his family.
Secondly, the feast is celebrated as an act of thanksgiving to the ancestors for their blessings throughout the passing year, and to ask for their protection, progress, peace, good harvest etc. This is due to the Igbo belief that blessings of God come to them through the instrumentality of their ancestors and through the mediation of one’s ‘chi’ (the guardian angel).
This is an ancient festival to mark the beginning of new yam harvest. It signals the end of ‘Ugani’ (hunger period) which is experienced between the time the yam is sown and the time it matures for harvest. The ceremony was also to thank the mysterious power for protecting the people through the hunger period to the day of plenty, and for nurturing the crops to ensure good harvest. In the past the feast was conducted by the chief priest ofUdo Onu deity who first harvests his yam and brings it to the market square to be sampled on ‘Nkwo’ market day (fourth Igbo market day). Nobody is expected to buy the yams as they are seen as having been consecrated to the communal deity. After the sampling, the chief priest collects the entire sampled yam and consecrates same at ‘Okwu Udo’ (altar of the Udo deity), where he offers prayers of thanksgiving for long life, prosperity and a hitch-free new yam festival. This feast signifies the consecration of the first fruits of crops. Formerly the feast was performed by Eze Nri the high priest of Igbo race.

This is an ancient religious festival, during which the people come to Udo deity to thank the deity for the favour they received in the previous year and for future protection and blessings. It is usually celebrated with pump and pageantry shortly before the end of the Igbo calendar.

This is an ancient feast celebrated a month or two after the new yam harvest. It is the great feast of brides-to-be. It is this feast which shows that a girl has reached womanhood and will shortly go into marriage.

This is one of the ancient forums for recreational activities instituted by the man Igbo. It is usually celebrated under the full moonlight between dinner time and pre-dawn. It involves lots of merry-making, dances, folk tales, wrestling, recitations etc. this feast is now celebrated every 30thDecember of the year.

This festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of a new year from September, October and November in the Igbo calendar year. It lasts for two days and is celebrated in Agukwu Nri. Nawfia, Enugwu Ukwu, Aguleri, Umuleri, and among communities in Anambra East Local Government Area.

This is another important festival widely celebrated between August and November annually. It lasts from two to four days to mark the eating of new yams in communities of Aguata, Anaocha, Ihiala, Idemili North and South Local Government Areas.

This is a festival of masquerades which lasts for four days in Umuoji in Idemili North Local Government Area and Nnobi in Idemili South LGA of Anambra State.

The feast is celebrated annually in Achina, Aguata Local Government Area in honour of the founder of Achina.

The festival is a celebration of masquerades that lasts for four days. Different types of masquerades manifests during the feast. It signifies the end of the farming season and is celebrated between August and September of every year in Ogidi, Idemili North Local Government Area and Ogbunike, in Oyi Local Government Area.
This festival is celebrated annually and lasts for a period of four days. It marks the end of the harvest season in Ndiowu, Ndikelionwu, Awa and Amaokpala, in Orumba North Local Government Area of the state


African Traditional Religion was the indigenous religion of the people before the advent of Christianity. Like all Igbo people, they believed in the existence of a Supreme Being ‘Chukwu’ (Almighty God) or ‘Chineke’ (God the Creator). There is also the belief that one is guided by his personal god ‘Chi’ who determines the fate of man. There is the belief in ancestors; the forebears of the community who are long dead but are believed to watch over their respective kindreds and families from the land of the spirit. Apart from the Supreme Being ‘Chukwu’ the people believe in the existence of other smaller gods or deities, to whom sacrifices are made,  being seen as messengers and intermediaries between the far removed ‘Chukwu’ and man.

Kolanut is a symbolic crop in Igboland. It symbolizes hospitality and peace to its visitors. After the general introductions, the host presents the traditional kolanut to any his kin present before it is presented to a guest or guests. This presentation follows a format that is based on seniority and kinship which is strictly adhered to. Misdirection of the path of presentation of the kolanut is frowned at. To Anambra people as with every Igbo community, it is a mark of its cultural identity.

This traditional process of receiving visitors among the Igbo people was observed beginning with the washing of hands.  Water is usually passed around in a jug and all guests are expected to wash their hands in a basin.  It is believed that a visitor who has traveled a long distance must have come in contact with several evil spirits along the way.  This wash is meant to cleanse off these contacts in preparation for touching the sacred kola nuts.
The presentation of the white clay is the next stage that following the washing of hand before the breaking of the kolanut. The white clay symbolizes purity of the guest and acceptance  of the welcome given to him by the host.  The process involves the drawing of lines on the floor with white clay.  All adult males are given a piece of white clay, rolled towards them on the floor with which they are expected to draw several lines on the floor.  The reason for rolling the white clay on the floor is to give the visitor a choice to either accept or reject it.  Acceptance means that the visitor has come in peace while rejection signifies displeasure. Drawing of lines is done according to the position a person holds in society / community.  Titled men known as ‘Nze’usually draw eight lines to signify the eight great market days while ordinary men known as ‘Okoro’ draw four, for the lesser four market days of the Igbo namely, ‘Nkwo’, ‘Eke’, ‘Orie’ and ‘Afo’.
Drawing of lines with white Clay  
BREAKING OF KOLANUTS This is the next and most significant aspect of receiving visitors in Igbo land.  A wooden dish full of Igbo kolanuts (Oji Igbo) is brought by the wife of the host and presented to her husband as custom demands.  The host then presents the dish to the leader of his visitors’ team.  The kolanut travels thereafter, from one person to the other, among the males only.  Each person thanks the presenter of the Kolanuts, a sign of goodwill, makes a speech and passes it on to the person nearest to him in terms of kinship / origin.  The kolanuts, on completion of this long journey, is returned to the host for prayers and blessings.  While the host prays, he calls on God to bless all present, multiply them and make their lives fruitful.  If the function is being conducted in a palace, the Igwe’s (traditional ruler’s) trumpeter (Oti Mkpu) continuously blows his trumpet made of elephant tusk to signify the Igwe’s glory and majesty.  The kolanuts are then broken and passed around for all to take a piece and eat.
The stage of presentation and drinking of palm wine signifies that the visitor has been well received and has the goodwill of the host.  A community leader is called upon to bless and pour out the wine into drinking cups.  The first cup is given to the eldest who blesses the gathering in traditional a praying rite after which he pours it out. This is followed by general serving of wine to all present.

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This HE!

Someone is looking for you…..they came to tell me,who could that be? please tell her am coming,its not a she oo but a he.A HE! OMG!who could that be….no he! ever comes to look for me in this house,strict rules of the madam and oga of the house…..OK,this is really gonna be messy.On getting to the palour ,am standing looking at this he I barely recognize and then I remember!but wait how could this guy I do not know have the guts to enter this house.Madam is already in the parlour with eyes and ears all open.

How I knew this He………
On my way back from yaba on thursday ,this guy sat beside me and we happened to be heading to the same direction.we had a few harmless chat….I can be really chatty with anyone but careful to maintain the boundaries….we both alighted at the same bus stop took same taxi,this guy stopped at my bus stop walked me home,asked for my contact and I refused to give him…..we bade good nights and I forgot about him.

This guy shows up in our house……I took him outside and in my calm as usual voice….Enah!I called him, what type of attitude is this,how could you just barge into people’s lives and privacy this way…… That we chatted in the bus doesn’t make us buddies of life that you can come to my house anyway you want.This is intrusion and I can actually sue you.Do not ever come to my house…….might I add that my face was stern too which indicated my seriousness…..he just kept on saying,Am sorry,in that am not so sorry kinda way and what’s this girl forming kinda thing.Finally,he invited me out the next day which I declined and we said goodbyes after he introduced me to his bleached skin friend with that tattoo that makes me want to throw up.

Back Upstairs……….
This is gonna be real messy I know and it was…….what was that guy looking for?and what were you doing with him upstairs?
Ow!he is just a guy I met and I told him not to come here again…….Is that what you have been doing since then?how did he get to know this flat?please I have children here and I don’t want any bad influence on them……hmmmm……..I snapped at this point……please am not corrupting your children and what’s the bad thing in having a male visitor……I quickly entered my room before she will have to reply.

I am me no matter how hard you want me to be you

Earlier that day,
I have had a bad day man!am sad…… fact it should be depression as I craved for all the foods I know……..dipping myself in chocolate……then I wanted a big plate of indomie with 2 eggs and a big bottle of coke…….I craved for rice and then lots of beef,fried plantain…..meatpie,Pringles,prawn crackers…..bread and akara….OK of all this craving,the worst is that am so broke to a point I can’t even afford any of them.Why will I not be sad!!!!!now I calmly went to the house knowing fully well there is no comfort there but then I had no were else to go and the rules of the house have made me friendless,so I can’t even hangout with friends.
I was barely even wallowing in my mystery before I got this visit…..
Tell me how bad a day should be!
Madam called me…..I actually expected it and that was when heaven was really let loose…..Now she told me how insulting it is on an elder to have male visitors come over to visit me……How am meant to apologize for having a male visitor and then how disappointed a person I am……nawa ooo!call me evil sha but in my head I wasn’t listening…..I really do not need to explain to someone who already has her opinion….and about my failed life…..I actually love the fact am not like them…..I bend the rules!am awkward!am random!I found myself… it proud,I know its me…..Am weird!and I advocate for a free,less worry and no straight jacketed lifestyle!

Being different set me free from the bondage of crowd mentality

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I already know the question to expect as I entered the gate and saw her car already parked in the garage.
Where are you coming from?…..exactly as I expected it,She was still putting on her work outfit and her handbag still on the chair signifying that she havn’t entered her room……

I have always given that same good girl answer they always expected….am coming from the school and there was just this heavy traffic…….this of course is the truth most times so do not give me that evil lair look! My answer is going to be quite different today,

To all security-watchers of my life

………Why is that question so familiar already with me in this house,How come its so easy for you people to ask “where are you coming from?” but can never ask me,how is your day or how is school doing or what’s been up with you. Try asking me ,do you need underwear?or is your soap finished?It not actually going to hurt you if you ask me If am well or notice when I look sick!Ask me if I have paid my school fees? Or at least any other thing caring.If your care ends up with security-watching me or screaming on the top of you voice if I come back by nine,then I rather not be cared for!Now I have go into my room and get some rest.I have had a very rough day hustling for my school fees,If that answers your question!!!!!!!……….

………….I asked you before,Where are you coming from?echoed her voice again in my head which juggled me into reality and that was when I realised I could never muster up enough courage to actually say those things to her in as much it breaks my heart and sadly I ended up muttering that am coming from school and sadly went to my room!

To all of us who lack courage to really say where it hurts us or how bad we feel..or even to harmlessly express ourselves……we will be fine and one day find courage but till then we better soak in our tears,say cheers and drink up our confidence…..any better idea?

We better say cheers and drink up our confidence

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Stop Watching from Hilltop Villa

So some people even at their old age do not respect the fact that they are men and still do tatafo,radio without no battery,gossip gossip,asiri.

General Overseer of Burden bearer

During his own regime,who was watching him,who watched him be the president of Federal republic of Nigeria and also the NNPC chairman(height of corruption),who watched him loot away this country’s money,oil etcetera.

Why will you be watching someone committing a lesser crime than you.Talking gebbrish and seeking for notice.Since when did you leave your hilltop villa and become a psychic reading people’s mind,know  that they want to make Nigeria ungovernable and all sorts…..
Biko even if he is trying to do all of this,since when did you become GOOB(general overseer of burden bearers)took it upon yourself,left your busy schedule and is busy bearing other people’s burden or are you now very less busy.
What even makes you think we will listen to you.we do not even trust you,its not like you earned fact the state of this country is part of the mess you messed(fart) and the poo poo(excrete) you pooed on this land and is still doing more self.

In fact,we pray for you and your likes to die and your blood used to cleanse this land and rid it of all your evils.So we say,Fall and Die IJN.

Quit watching,you don’t even see clear sef,with your old age and the fact that you use glasses.What exactly do you want to observe.All we want from you is to retire,stay cool in that your Hilltop villa,try to make peace with your family and God,so that at last if you qualify you can watch properly from heaven standing beside angel Michael!kapish!!

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My Natural Hair Journey……The puff puff and falselock

My natural hair journey

So this has been my hair journey after I decided to go naturel…..

Stage 1……………
After the chop,my regimen was simple.I don’t wanna be a product junkie or run from one product in the market to the other so am using natural products and am keeping it very simple and stress free biko…..
I applied palm oil and wore it on for 30minutes to prevent hair breakage. After I washed it off,I dried my hair(with towel oo)leaving it a lil bit wet,  put in leave-in conditioner and finish up with the application of my oils(Shea butter,castor oil,coconut oil)

My first PS……..
My first PS is rather hilarious, I decided to wear something different and I needed to retain my hair growth.I actually got tired of doing calabar at night and taking it off whenever I want to go,so the next thing that came to my mind was puff puff.Carrying this hair out actually took me plenty of courage and lots of convincing myself not to worry and be happy through the mirror.Finally sha I did it and I rocked the hair for 1 week with so much comments………hey!you look mysterious…… actually look weird ……ow!you look good……..hello!I like this your puff puff……..hmmm!are you just coming from Jamaica…….you look scary!……and loads more…..I kept on giving the fake smile and saying na u sabi in my mind,I also ended up carry the hair through.I discovered my hair grew within that one week.

Ps off…….
So after I took off my PS.I discovered I was loosing my hair again in he name of breakage and I actually was a party to it cos in the process of loosing the puff puff I cut my hair with razor,trying to cut off the thread used in making the hair.I took shield in my palm oil again and it quite delivered,but this time around before the palm oil I did some moisturizing with a mixture of egg white,2spoons of honey and 2spoons of coconut oil(other oil can serve too)I poured it over my hair,covered with my shower cap for 30mins then washed it off.Apart from this new addition I did other things like the first treatment.Its all a good exercise till I did my 2nd PS of false lock.I plan to carry it for quite some time oo,I sha hope my hair doesn’t break.

This has been my hair journey…. I hope am not making too much mistakes.God dey sha to help and inspire me and very important keep me away from being a product junkie!Amen!

PS…Protective style

OK! now bye! Buh before I leave,I leave u with a falselock styling hairspiration!!!!



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Ozo Title Taking in Igboland


Ozo Title Taking of Ndigbo on account of NRI custom.

Nri is the originator and bestower of Ozo in Igbo
land. Eri, the progenitor of Nri bigoted the Ozo title
to his son Nri, who in turn bestowed the title to
Ndigbo. Ozo title is a very rigorous exercise, which
culminates in the holder becoming Ichi Ukwu. For
an aspirant to take the Ozo title, he has to undergo
stringent processes: views and saying, carrying the
ring of truth. He wishes to be regarded as a
dispenser of justice without any fear or favor,
irrespective of who is involved. The oath taking by
the titleholders is to ensure that they live a good
and upright lives in the service of humanity. There
is nothing fetish or satanic as fanatics are inclined
to believe. It is open to all male indigens of Nri
with good reputation. Not bankrupt in character,

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Image of a suffering old man

Do u have such an old man


I look at some old men and i ask myself questions 
Where they ever young?
what circumstances surrounded their growing up?
Did they ever dream?
Was their a time when they ever answered what they would like to be ?
Did they have people who influenced and mentored them?
Didn’t they have people whom they wanted to be like when they grow up?
Was their lives just too fast and clueless?
Did they wake up and discover they were old?
And being successful was already too late
I see these old men,worthy of retirement
Worthy of resting in their rocking chair
Looking back at those youthful age and being grateful for a time well utilized .
Enjoying and reaping the fruit of their labour
Telling the tales of their hardship to their offsprings,
And teaching them life as it is raw.

Yet these old men are still hustlers
Scampering for…

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I don’t know why you should be treating me this way,I have put in all I have in this relationship to make us work!I love you Emma!I really do!I can’t live without you.These were the words that rolled out of my mouth as he beat me up,again!

Do not allow people treat you lesser than you deserve

                  I am helpless!Is it a crime to confront this guy I have lived with for five years on his reasons for impregnating another lady.Why will he always want to use condom with me while he does it freely with another lady and the worst is that,this lady is my friend.He didn’t tell me of course,he couldn’t have.Nigeria gossip always delivers!So it happens that this my friend he impregnated confided in another friend who tell another person and it continued to move until it got to me.
The shame was unbearable!I had to vehemently defend him,although I knew in my heart that its not a lie.

I have allowed my life look like an abandoned hut

       Emma,I heard Chioma is pregnant(I felt him tense up),so I decided to enjoy the moment as he quickly braced himself up and asked,”which Chioma? I also hear say na u give am belle? Was my sharp response.hmmmmmm!I believed in my heart for a split second that I have pinned him down.The next second that came after my split second caught me off guard.I did and so what?What’s your business with my life or are you my mother now abi na my wife.Don’t forget you are just my girlfriend and you have no say with the way I run my life.If you are not comfortable,leave my house and leave my life,I have told you severely that you can’t even be my wife.

     Now this is the height of it Emma!I pay half of the rent of this house you claim is yours.I have cooked your food,cleaned this house,served you food and even served you my toto for 5years.What else do u want me to do to be a certified wife……You barely appreciate me,you beat me up as you like and where you like,you don’t even pay me for the services.I would have left you if not for your empty promises to……..yeeeh!!! Completed my sentence as a resounding slap rested on my cheeks followed by enough battering and beating,which led me to the introductory speech.

My words didn’t stop him from completing what he started in me,changing my face from what it is to nok arts.

    This is when I took my decision,and I said to myself,Oluchi!wake up!this guy will never change,my being with him is a total waste and I do not need him in my life anymore.I am packing my things and living this house for good!Am going to set myself free.Five wasted years with a man building nothing but an ABUSED LOVE“.I can live without him,in fact I will live without him.All the words of our pastor in church now makes sense.I am a MIRACLE!People seek for miracle but it chooses were to go.Today am starting a fresh life and am building a woman in my heart were a girl lived.

      Don’t think am a superman overnight,but bet me with this kinda beating you will even turn alien,but somewhere in my heart still lay that doubt and I also have decided to ignore it.This is actually a good time of the year to make a fresh start on Love.A day to valentine and am going to give myself the best val treatment ever…I need to love myself to teach others to love me!A new chapter of my life has been written.

Am finally free....and i felt it

Me saying Happy Val an no other person can be more of your val than you!Love yourself all you can! It opens the door for people to truly appreciate you!

What everyone deserves and I will find it

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Ozo Title Taking in Igboland

Ozo Title Taking of Ndigbo on account of NRI custom.

Nri is the originator and bestower of Ozo in Igbo
land. Eri, the progenitor of Nri bigoted the Ozo title
to his son Nri, who in turn bestowed the title to
Ndigbo. Ozo title is a very rigorous exercise, which
culminates in the holder becoming Ichi Ukwu. For
an aspirant to take the Ozo title, he has to undergo
stringent processes: views and saying, carrying the
ring of truth. He wishes to be regarded as a
dispenser of justice without any fear or favor,
irrespective of who is involved. The oath taking by
the titleholders is to ensure that they live a good
and upright lives in the service of humanity. There
is nothing fetish or satanic as fanatics are inclined
to believe. It is open to all male indigens of Nri
with good reputation. Not bankrupt in character,
who came to wealth through robbery, not criminal
or ex-convict. Title taking in a sense is an
invitation to the people to come and share in one’s
wealth through lavish feasting entertainment.
The Ozo title institution is the most important
feature of our social and cultural life in the Igbo
socio-cultural setting. This phenomenon has been
with us since the first Nri; Nri men introduced it to
Ndigbo. Every title holder is referred to as Nze,
that is person who has dedicated himself to what is
good and to avoid what is evil by virtue of his title,
which distinguished him from the ordinary
member of his community. Before taking the title,
the aspirant must do the following:
(a). He must have joined an age grade.
(b). He must be married, and have child or
(C). Perform the Imachi Ritual
Having done these, the aspirant can now start the
process by taking the minor titles such as:
1. Nlinwamadu Title: This permits him to take one of
his Ozo names. He is now empowered to speak in
the palace of Eze Nri, if he is the only one with that
title in his age grade, he will be their spokesman at
any gathering in the community. He is now
entitled to carry (Akpa Nwefii), which will always
house his Ofo. With this title he can attend and
collect his shares whenever some one is taking
Nlinwamadu title in his Ogwe Muo unit, in Nri.
2. The aspirant can proceed by taking other minor
titles in his Umunna. To let his Umunna know that
he is in the process of taking the Ozo title. He will
also meet the requirements of Umuada, Inyom Di.
He will feast his Umunna to their requirements. He
will also feast Okolo/Okolobia.
3. The aspirant having completed his Umunna
requirements will feast his village by giving them
their requirements.
4. The aspirant will now move his Ogwe Muo unit.
There are two Ogwe Muo unit in Nri for easy
administration. On application to his Ogwe Muo
unit of his intention to take Ozo title, the Ogwe
Muo unit, which of course is made up of Nze na
Ozo titled men, whom the aspirant intends to join
will then refer his application to the screening
committee. This process is very important for they
must know who wants to associate with them, the
nobles, in the society. The report of the committee
will determine the fate of the aspirant, vis-avis
becoming Nze Na Ozo title man in the society.
What the screening committee will be looking for
among other things are:
(a). Criminal records, if any
(b). How he made his wealth
(c). If he is an ex-convict
(d). If he had performed the Imachi Ritual
(e). If he lives in his own house
(f). If the father of the aspirant is alive and what is
his reaction. Nri tradition forbids son(s) to take the
Ozo title before their father or elder brother. If the
father or any of his older brother(s) have not taken
the Ozo title, the aspirant must first and foremost
fund the Ozo title for them before he can embark
on his own. If the report of the screening
committee is positive, the aspirant can now
proceed further: he can now perform the Igba-Ego-
Ozo. His Ogwe Muo unit will then give him the list
of requirements for the purpose of title taking.
1. He will start with Igba-Ego-Ozo
2. Ifeka-Ofo-Ozo
3. Idoo Mua
4. Ima Nza
5. Ala Mmuo
6. Ikpata –Ofo
7. Ebute Anulu. Etc
8. On Uka Eke, he performs the Izu Afia Ozo
9. Immediately after, he pays homage to Eze Nri, the
custodian of Ozo title in Igbo land.
10. Registration with Nze na Ozo title men association
follows. He is now a full Nze titled man with Atali
(spun wool) on his ankle, a red cap on his head
and Nku Apkuko. He is now Ichie Ukwu. Only
death or defilement can stop him from being Nze
Na Ozo.
11. Upon death, the Nze Na Ozo titled man joins his
ancestors without his title. His Ozo title shall be
disconnected from him. This is done by cutting the
Atali Ozo. His title ends in this world. When he gets
to the world beyond, he can take all the title he
may wish. He remains Ichie Ukwu in his ancestral
home and Umunna.
His male children will share the dividends of his
title such as Ofo Ozo. They may sell or use them in
taking or acquiring their own Ozo title. Ozo title is
like stock exchange, one can borrow using his Ofo
shares as collateral/security. The process is well

Procession of Ndi Nze n'Ozo

Another account by an Uga Indigene,

wish to offer some insights into the Ozo title topic as I know it. I am from Uga, not too far from Orlu. I will speculate that the Orlu culture is not too different from our culture in Uga. I was at Chief Maduako’s residence in Urualla las December for a palm-wine carrying event, and I observed some of the cultural similarities between their culture and ours. I must still qualify my view by saying that there are slight differences in the modalities of Ozo title-taking from town to town. 

First, please know that there is no difference between Nze and Ozo other than a person who has an Ozo title is called an “Nze”, just as a person who has a PhD is referred to as a “Doctor”. Generally, with some few exceptions, there are three ways to acquire an Ozo title in my town. 

The first is through Original Initiation Rite which could include -“Iza Ozo ozuza” (regarded as the most elaborate of protocols and celebrations for attaining an Ozo title before one can become an Nze. One must be of a certain class of citizen to qualify for Ozo title because certain class of citizens in Igbo land(for reasons that I do not want to discuss) are precluded from acquiring Ozo title. The Original initiation process is the most expensive and most difficult way of acquiring an Ozo title, and it is also the most rigorous. This is probably the approach you have been exploring in your town.

The second method is through inheritance. Just as in buying shares in a company and being entitled to receive dividends, Ozo title holders also receive dividends from time to time in the form of assignable Ozo title. These dividends are called “Nwa Ozo”. The recipients can then transfer the Nwa Ozo to their sons, brothers, or other relatives, and in this case, we call those types of Ozo titles as “Ozo nwelu nna” meaning that the holder inherited it from his father or relative and did not go through the rigorous process. Still, these titles have no lesser value other than in the order of seniority, they are bound to be junior to those who acquired Ozo titles before them. Note that if my father’s Ozo title is ahead of your father’s Ozo title, my father’s inherited Ozo title (Nwa Ozo nnam) which is given to me will be senior to your Ozo title which your father received as a dividend and gave to you. It is a bit complicated but they keep track of all of this. 

The third way of acquiring Ozo title is to buy Nwa Ozo from an Ozo dividend recipient. This is because an Ozo title recipient can sell his Ozo title dividends to certain APPROVED and VETTED people and receive cash for such sale of Nwa Ozo. People have been known to do this in order to raise money for their children’s education or to build a house or pay dowry in order to marry for their sons. This is not done frequently as most people tended to preserve these dividend Ozo titles for their sons and grandsons. Note that Ozo title is for men only. Any one who buys Nwa Ozo is still required to perform an abbreviated initiation protocol, including “Izu ahia Ozo” meaning attending a public market to announce and celebrate his initiation. These are generally the three most popular ways of acquiring Ozo titles. In my town. There are three classes of Ozo title which include Iddi, Ume, and Ebili classes. Each class has a head but the most senior of all is Iddi class. The Ozo title is not a chieftaincy title. Members must meet and abide by very rigorous standards which formed the basis of morality in the community. There are other requirements which even as an Ozo titled man, I respect but do not understand. An example is that an Ozo titled man does not eat snail which is reserved for women. Similarly, women were forbidden from eating chicken and eggs. These rules are slowly going away. Until my dad’s passing last year he never ate snail. I also do not eat snail. My dad lived in the village and he used to muse that Ozo titled men who live in townships break the snail law by eating snail after they had given it a Christian of “congo meat”. I and my Ozo titled siblings do not eat congo meat till today. We do our best to adhere to the morality rules for Ozo titled men. As you pointed out, those rules are similar to the religious rules or public laws such as tell the truth, do not lie, avid hear-say(difficult to do in this forum). One such important rule is that an Ozo titled man (an Nze) should avoid “ebie ebighaa” meaning that no Nze should rule on a case or matter and subsequently reverse himself. This rule is very important for two reasons:
First, the Ozo titled people were regarded in the community as the most honest people who held the final appeal position in matters related to disputes in the community. As a result, if they were in the position where they acted as Supreme Court Judges, as with the decision of Supreme Court, the decision of these Ozo titled men also had to be final and not subject to appeal.

Secondly, the rule against reversing oneself is intended to avoid bribing members. For one to reverse himself. It is reasoned that he would have received an inducement to do so. This does not mean that people who have cases pending before Ndi Nze should not seek private help and counseling from Ozo titled people. In deed, one is advised to seek out an Ozo titled man and pay him (Igo ngo equivalent to hiring an attorney) to guide and represent him in a case pending before Ndi Nze. The Ozo titled advisor is not accepting bribe to rule either way – just like a lawyer does not accept a bribe to represent his client. Instead, the Ozo titled advisor would only be coaching the defendant or plaintiff on how best to present his case before Ndi Nze who are charged with hearing and ruling on the matter before them.

For the above reasons, the “Ebie ebighaa” rule is one of the most important rules for Ozo titled men.

Before I conclude, let me emphasize that the above is only a summary of what happens in my town. The protocol in other towns might be different. There are also recent changes in the initiation protocol. For example, the swearing in process have been modified to allow Christians, especially Catholics to acquire Ozo title. Previously, the swearing in process was said to contain certain rites reserved for pagan worshipers. 

I hope this is helpful. Also, remember the old Igbo saying that “ikpe adighi ama nwa Nze ebe nna ya no na ogbo okwu”, and “Afu Nze ebie okwu”. The earlier implies that no one can be found guilty in a court where his father is a judge such as an Nze. All of this attest to the historical power and clout of Nze or Ozo titled people in administering peace and justice in Igbo land



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Three Effective tools to win your Child


Meet my friend…..She is a wonderful person,nice and humble,charming and outgoing,attractive in character and in person.She is totally adorable.In fact,if you get to meet with her,I bet you will become a friend thief cause you will want to snatch her from me.
         She lives in two different worlds thou,her person at home is totally different from her person outside the house.Her charm leaves and she rarely smiles at home.She has erected a huge fence that demarcates her from her wards.She lives in her head at home,barely leaving her room and never communicates with anyone.Her every motive have been misinterpreted and she doesn’t make efforts to change their notions about her,she couldn’t care much!Let them see her as bad,proud,wayward,braggy,fake and all,she doesn’t change her but it changes her.Even though she is charming but behind her good looks you can see her wrinkles(her bitterness,depression)I feel for her and I wish her wards will be more understanding,quit comparing her and stop imposing archaic characters in her.#ournigerianparents


Communication bridges a lot of gap between parent and child.Its not the duty of the child but the parent’s to build a strong communication with your child no matter how hard it seems.Do not be all parents around them every time,they do not just need a parent but they need a friend and a confidant in you also.Once you are unable to communicate efficiently with them or try to impose a character that is not theirs in them in the name of communication,the child automatically builds a wall of demarcation between you guys which is impenetrable.Breaking down such walls is often a manual labour which is hard to accomplish.


   In the communication process be totally understanding.Do not be quick to judge or run into conclusions in what they do.Show them you understand and teach them diligently on what is right,not scold them vehemently and force them into following your decisions.Create time for them and show them how valuable they are to you.
          Avoid Comparison. A and B might be blood relatives but A and be mustn’t be similar in attitude. In correcting your child never compare him with another person.Allow then to be unique in the way God created them to be.Allow them to be themselves.You are not there to change who they are but to direct them to be themselves, to offer guidance and not to always take decisions.I know you trying to show them love,but that Child who doesn’t learn to be himself will never be fulfilled and will continue to feel like a stranger in this world.Give tour child a break let them do exploits.Even God our father says that He is with us to show us the paths in life and its left for us to choose which way to go.Be like Jesus is unto your ward!I rest my case


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Our Nigeria Parents Parenting us to LSE(low self esteem)


OK,I don’t know where else this happens but I will tag #ourNigerianparents on an image like this one.I just can’t explain why they always see their past in our present and therefore always try to intervene before hand and forming that,”I have been there before you” kinda attitude and then “scold” you,not even make you see reasons why you shouldn’t indulge in the said act.They forget quickly also that in that their past someone must have told them and they refuse to listen.
       They just don’t want you to be young and be yourself.They expect you to be their age and reason exactly towards their direction.Now you decide to act matured and take some decisions,no! They won’t just allow you grow up.Even at 24! You will still be a kid,20! You are just a toddler.
Omg!Please our dear parents,Allow us to be ourselves,forget the proverb of “ihe agwo muru aghaghi ito  ogologo(the offspring of a snake can’t help but be tall).Your Child mustn’t bear all your characteristics…..Let us be ourselves….!!!!

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Ofo is an age-old symbol, the staff of God, which was in place even before the time of Moses among Ndi Igbo (the Igbo Nations)as stated by Igbo History.It is a symbol of truth and justness(Equity)


Ofo is the central symbol of Igbo spirituality. It is a sacred staff of authority, and an emblem symbolizing the links between Chukwu Okike (the Creator of all) and man, the dead and the living, the living and the unborn.

Ofo symbolizes justice, righteousness, and truth. It plays many important roles in the social, political, and spiritual life of the Igbo. No serious rite of ceremony can be performed without Ofo.

Ndi Igbo are extremely ethical. Morality comes to them so naturally that it is a part of their daily living. Ethics is such a part of their life that the Igbo vernacular has no word for it. Morality is not enforced (by the law enforcement group), yet, everyone is considerably moral because every action is either rewarded or punishable by the ancestors. Every unethical behavior has pancosmic effect on one’s children and on one’s children’s children. A book on Igbo metaphysics by Fr. Mph Edeh stated that morality is such an integral part of Igbo cosmology that the Igbo word for man is “Mma du” which means, “Let goodness be.”


1.     OFO UKWU\OFO OBODO: is an ofo made only one not two in the same area. It will be in control by the holder till his death. It permits only the son of the soil to be in control.

2.     OFO UMUNNA: is made for the head of the Umunna. It permits only the head to be in control of the ofo, he will be a son of the soil not from the lineage of slave or outcast either by parents or ancestor.

3.     OFO OBI: is made for the head of obi. It will be incontrol of the head of obi. He will be the son of the obi.

4.     OFO NNA: is for the father of the family. It may have symbol or not depending the choice of the family. It permits everybody to hold it.

5.     OFO NKE ONYE / OFO NKE ONWE: This Ofo is made for everybody both male and female, adult and children, slave and outcast. It does not have any symbol. It is spiritual that was why the Igbos says “Uka di na Obi” (Worshipping God is in your heart.

6.     Ofo Chi:



1.     Ejim ofo                                    I am with Ofo

2.     Oji Ofo ga-ana                           He with Ofo will go free

3.     Ofoma                                      Ofo Knows

4.     Ofomaonyejie                            Ofo Knows with it

5.     Ofomata                                    Let ofo Know

6.     Ofojekwu                                  Ofo will talk

7.     Ofokwuoeziokwu                       Let Ofo talk the truth

8.     Ofodumana                               Ofo is leading me home

9.     Ofozobam                                 Let Ofo protect me

10.   Ofobuike                                   Ofo is the strength

11.   Ofodile                                      Ofo is the active

12.   Ojobueze                                  Ofo is the king

13.   Ofobundu                                  Ofo is the life

14.   Ofokansi                                   Ofo is powerful than poison

15.   Ofoezie                                     Ofo has shown me the way

 He who uses the Ofo for unjust purposes faces the repercussion as the Chi(god)behind the Ofo retaliates or avenges its cause.

PROVERBS of Equity
Egbe bere Ugo bere ma nke si ibe ya ebela ka nku kwajie ya(Let the kite perch and let the eagle perch too. If one says no to the other let his wings break.)

Onye Obula Ji Ofo, Ma Ofo makwa Onye ji ya.” (All men have the Ofo, yet indeed, there are those whose Ofo also come to singular reckoning. )

The sun will shine 
on those who stand before it, before it shines on those 
who sit under it. 


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Nigeria Lets Talk True on whom a leader really is with reference to Our Hotting Presidential Candidates(broom and umbrella)

According to the book I read my people,Leadership is a matter of intelligence,trustworthyness,humanness,courage and sterness.

So when Broom and Umbrella comes to us with hot promises let’s try and find out if they are really worth our votes.Our vote mustn’t go to Broom and umbrella,their are other presidential candidates whom might serve us better.Some foods are not better served hot after all.

In September 2010, I wrote a piece entitled
“2011 Elections: Let the Real Debate Begin”
and published by Thisday. Beside other issues we raised, our main thesis was that the macro economy was dangerously
adrift, with little self-insurance mechanisms (and a prediction that if oil prices fell below $40, many state governments would not be able to pay salaries). I gave a subtle hint at easy money and exchange rate depreciation because I did not want to panic the market with a strong statement. Sadly, on the eve of the next elections, literally everything we hinted at has happened. Part of my motivation for this article is that five years after, the real debate is still not happening.
The presidential election next month will be won by either Buhari or Jonathan. For either, it is likely to be a pyrrhic victory. None of
them will be able to deliver on the fantastic promises being made on the economy, and if oil prices remain below $60, I see very difficult months ahead, with possible heady collisions with labour, civil society, and
indeed the citizenry. To be sure, the presidential election will not be decided by the quality of ‘issues’ or promises canvassed
by the candidates. The debates won’t also change much (except if there is a major gaffe by either candidate like Tofa did in the debate with Abiola). My take is that more than 95% of the likely voters have pretty much made up their minds based largely on other considerations. A few of us remain undecided. The tragedy of the current electioneering campaigns is that both parties are missing the golden opportunity to sensitize the citizenry about the enormous
challenges ahead and hence mobilize them or the inevitable sacrifices they would ben called upon to make soon. Each is promising
an El-Dorado.Let me admit that the two main parties talk
around the major development challenges—corruption, insecurity, economy (unemployment/poverty, power,
infrastructure, etc) health, education, etc.
However, it is my considered view that none
of them has any credible agenda to deal with
the issues, especially within the context of
the evolving global economy and Nigeria’s
broken public finance. The UK Conservative
Party’s manifesto for the last election
proudly announced that all its programmes
were fully costed and were therefore
implementable. Neither APC nor PDP can
make a similar claim. A plan without the
dollar or Naira signs to it is nothing but a
wish-list. They are not telling us how much
each of their promises will cost and where
they will get the money. None talks about
the broken or near bankrupt public finance
and the strategy to fix it.
In response to the question of where the
money will come from, I heard one of the
politicians say that the problem of Nigeria
was not money but the management of
resources. This is half-truth. The problem is
both. No matter how efficient a father (with
a monthly salary of N50,000) is at managing
the family resources, I cannot see how he
could deliver on a promise to buy a brand
new Peugeot 406 for each of his three
children in a year. Even with all the
loopholes and waste closed, with increased
efficiency per dollar spent, there is still a
binding budget constraint. To deliver an
efficient national transport infrastructure
alone will still cost tens of billions of dollars
per annum even by corruption-free, cost-
effective means. Did I hear that APC
promises a welfare system that will pay
between N5,000 and N10,000 per month to
the poorest 25 million Nigerians? Just this
programme alone will cost between N1.5
and N3 trillion per annum. Add to this the
cost of free primary education plus free meal
(to be funded by the federal budget or
would it force non-APC state governments
to implement the same?), plus some millions
of public housing, etc.
I have tried to cost some of the promises by
both the APC and the PDP, given alternative
scenarios for public finance and the numbers
don’t add up. Nigerians would be glad to
know how both parties would fund their
programmes. Do they intend to accentuate
the huge public debt, or raise taxes on the
soon to-be-beleaguered private businesses,
or massively devalue the naira to rake in
baskets of naira from the dwindling oil
revenue, or embark on huge fiscal
retrenchment with the sack of labour and
abandonment of projects, and which areas of
waste do they intend to close and how much
do they estimate to rake in from them, etc?
I remember that Chief Obafemi Awolowo
was asked similar questions in 1978 and
1979 about his promises of free education
and free medical services. Even as a
teenager, I was impressed by how he reeled
out figures about the amounts he would
save from various ‘waste’ including the tea/
coffee served in government offices. The
point is that at least he did his homework
and had his numbers and I give credit to his
team. Some 36 years later, the quality of
political debate and discourse seems to
border on the pedestrian. From the quality
of its team, I did not expect much from the
current government, but I must confess that
I expected APC as a party aspiring to take
over from PDP to come up with a knock-out
punch. Evidently, from what we have read
from the various versions of its manifesto as
well as the depth of promises being made, it
does not seem that it has a better offer.
Let me digress a bit to refresh our memory
on where we are, and thus provide the
context in which to evaluate the promises
being made to us. Recall that the key word
of the 2015 budget is ‘austerity’. Austerity?
This is just within a few months of the fall in
oil prices. History repeats itself in a very
cruel way, as this was exactly what happened
under the Shehu Shagari administration.
Under the Shagari government, oil price
reached its highest in 1980/81.
During the same period, Nigeria ratcheted
up its consumption and all tiers of
government were in competition as to which
would out-borrow the other. Huge public
debt was the consequence. When oil prices
crashed in early 1982, the National Assembly
then passed the Economic Stabilization
(Austerity Measures) Act in one day— going
through the first, second, and third readings
the same day. The austerity measures
included the rationing of ‘essential
commodities’ and most states owed salary
arrears. Corruption was said to be pervasive,
and as Sani Abacha said in that famous coup
speech, ‘unemployment has reached
unacceptable proportions and our hospitals
have become mere consulting clinics’.
General Muhammadu Buhari/Tunde Idiagbon
regime made the fight against corruption and
restoration of discipline the cardinal point of
their administration which lasted for 20
months. I am not sure they had a credible
plan to get the economy out of the
doldrums (although it must be admitted that
poverty incidence in Nigeria as of 1985 when
they left office was a just46%— according to
the Federal Office of Statistics)-culled from an article written by former CBN governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo.

Clearly what he wrote is the exact truth. These people clearly are unintelligent and are no leaders.Leaders who clearly lack acumen and are surrounded with like minds.God will sha help us…We will vote well!


Umbrella and Broom

Go to school or be an entertainer

Let’s talk true on what our government is doing to us oo.Education is very important they say!To break even in the kinda society we are now,you have to be educated.Get all the education you can,grab and gather certificate.Write JAMB till you are too old for the labour force.At the end of the day,who are the most influential youths?who are the people called to grace important occasions?Which people get the highest sponsorship deals and are paid the highest for jxt doing almost nothing.A case of were a debate and beauty pageantry was held in a Tertiary institution in our country…..the winner of the debate was given 50k and the Miss.UniLag given a car,500k,wardrobe alawee and other attachments…….biko,if I happen to be in Unilag I will be working towards the pageantry ooo…..debate for what!!!crack my brain and do all the research only to be awarded with 50k……suffer head is not from my village abeg!
How many intelligent,brilliant youthful academicians do we hear of except the ones who are first recognized internationally like aunty Chimamanda.This country is full with suffer suffer sote na wia the money go dey come from we go dey look at(we concentrate on where the money is),nothing like passion. Even if acting and music is not my talent…..please who cares…let me just break even and start chopping the money and no matter how irresponsible I am,once am able to make a hit am automatically a model to many youngsters.
Our government please balance the equation.Education and entertainment is good….in fact the society can’t do without the do not leave one to be booming at the expense of one…..Create forums that will enlighten the youth and bring out their inner brilliance.MTN organize Project fame not only for musicians oooo!!!!!Etisalat,nobody hears of your literary prize abi kini u call it,besides the pay is so small compared to what you people offer for Nigeria Idol,Talent hunters…talent is not only in music,comedy,dance,acting…..there are so many other talents waiting to be untapped…..Nigeria lost a great mind that would have probably started car designing in Nigeria to the USA in person of Jalami Aliyu……the guy that designes for Chevrolet and in fact designed the car yet to be launched……the car that doesn’t use fuel but electricity.

This country,bring back your youths ooo and make us useful…we are full of talent but because the only talent recognized is in entertainment…..we are rush in into it in fact I rest my case and head for the studio or where they are auditioning.anyone I find first sha!!

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Ofala Festival

Ofala is conjure of two different Igbo words Ofo
(Symbol Of Authority) and Ala (Land). Ofo is the central symbol of Igbo spirituality. It is a sacred staff of authority, and an emblem symbolizing the links between Chukwu Okike (the Creator of all) and man, the dead and the living, the living and the unborn.Ofo symbolizes justice, righteousness, and truth. It plays many important roles in the social, political, and spiritual life of the Igbo. No serious rite of ceremony can be performed without Ofo.Ofala is  the authority that governs the land of a community. Its festival (renewal) is for the traditional
rulers only. It is normally done twice in a life time of a
King ,after the coronation day and after the death of the
King, which generally known as “The last Ofala” but
since the Iconoclasm of the early Christians in Igbo
land, Ofala festival has turned to an annual event in
the most communities, while in others; it is based on
the ancestral system of coronation such as Nando

Igwe R.C Eze sitting on His throne on the day of his ofala
Iwe Aguleri on parade
Palace of Igwe R.C Eze
Governor of Anambra state and chiarman of Apga in attendance
Ijele masquaraede
Arthur Eze n'Ukpo....called ozoigbondu..this manz wealth dey purge belle.He is known to be very benevolent.
Cross section of Ndi Igwe
Governor Willie Obiano and Igwe R.C Eze in the palace
Our titled governor in action

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Nigeria Election Postponed!!

Ok,am going to share this news for people who are yet to be informed.Nigeria election scheduled for 14th of February for the presidential election and 28th for the rest,has officially been moved to 28th of march and 11th of April respectively.The gist I heard is the reason for this is that Boko Haram sect seized the ammunitions being brought in for the military and now they claim they can’t guarantee us security for the election……hmmm!!(na only gist ooo)Now we have more time to decide on whom takes our vote,jejely collect our PVCs without being in a hurry and finally……OML!(oh my ladies),now that dude has got no reason not to take you out for val and show you some love!Now,who say miracles don’t happen.

         Before I forget…..All my brothers and sisters who have packed their luggages and are ready to leave their residence,take a chill pill and gather all that you can,or better leave now oooo before transport increase price oooo!!!…….Sha am at lose somehow….chai(crying)My aunty that leaves in Abuja is meant to come back… i miss this shopping i have been dreaming about that she promised me.
    God Bless Nigeria!!!

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Nigerian Election 2015…….FREE AND FAIR

Ok,I have not been making this Nigeria election thingy my business maybe because has not been affecting my life until yesterday after i stayed in ikorodu road traffic all because of PDP campaign,sweating and frustrated for more than three hours from ojuelegba to ojota.This journey on a normal non-traffic day takes less than thirty minutes and today the PVC(permanent voters card)has been brought to my street.
           Now this election is expected to be “free and fair”.Free it will be and if u get lucky paid sef,but “fair” is out of this world.Sha,am now pleading to our conscience,no matter how much you will be paid to make this election unfair….am not saying you shouldn’t take the money after all freebie no dey run belle(free things don’t purge),but take their money and keep calm……If you still insist on making it unfair,your business! But abeg don’t add blood shed to the game…….Lets keep this election straight and calm and let everything return to normalcy after the election.




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Stop the hair breakage with Palm oil For African Natura Hair

Do not be scared of what your doctor Says about palm oil and the calories high content…you won’t be drinking it(lol).Am not going to be breaking down the contents of palm oil and its reason for retaining hair length,because sincerely I don’t know it.All I know is that it works for me and as a selfless person,i want to share it as i got it.Its a very easy procedure and the good thing is that its totally cost effective.Its als messy to an extent……palm oil is red afterall and it stains a lot of things.images


First,get a good amount of red palm oil and apply over your hair(get as much as you can until you feel it migt start dripping off your face and neck).

Then,allow to sit for 30mins

Finally,wash and wash and wash with soap until you are perfectly sure you have washed off the oil from your hair

Use other hair products you have got as usual……

Note:Be overly cautious when carrying the red oil on your hair to avoid stains and mess